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Tracee Sioux

"Audrey is a marketing powerhouse. She is deeply motivated to help people reach their ideal customers and improve their customers experience. She knows her stuff and she's highly creative. Audrey has the uncommon ability to make it happen and make it look effortless."

Leah Jackman-Wheitner

Fast. Efficient. Conscientious. That's what I love about working with Audrey--she's the total package. She integrates strategy into the practical needs, like websites and online presence. Her focus is getting your business highlighted in the ways that will be most effective for you.

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We love to share more from peeps we have helped. We love giving our clients a reason to sing our praises. Helping our clients to market in a smarter way is our genius work. It's intuitive. It's what lights us up. The praise of happy clients is the magic behind our genius.

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Intuitive Marketing Genius offers a range of intuitive marketing services to help you attract clients and customers while keeping the Soul-fullness of your business.

Choose from completely Done-For-You to Group or one-on-one training to learn to Do-It-Yourself.

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