Twitter for Business

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Do you tweet? (This twitter graphic is a little intimidating, huh? LOL) Here is Twitter in a nutshell: It’s fun and sorta hip social media platform,  where you send out messages in 140 characters (called tweets) or less to your followers. But here is the question you really want answered: Do you have to use […]

So fresh!

Keeping Your Website Fresh

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Yep, I mean fresh like a perfectly ripe orange falling into a pool of spring water and creating a ripple that reaches everyone who is near. Okay maybe not that fresh, but you get the idea. Here are a few items to check on when assessing the “freshness” How recently has your site been updated? […]


Better Than a Vision Board

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A few weeks ago I sent out a training over using vision boards to set goals. Everybody loves a good vision board right? I know I do! I make a couple every year and then love to see everything we have manifested over the year. Some of them come in surprising forms, some things come […]


Creating an Ah-mazing Website

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If you don’t have a website, your first step is to get a site — TODAY. But chances are most of you have websites, yes? In today’s internet-saturated society, a website is one of the most crucial avenues to great marketing and the success of furthering client/customer relationships and the brand of your business. I […]


Pinterest: Is it right for your business?

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Are you on Pinterest for your business? How much time does it take you compared to the business that it drives…heck even the traffic? You see, we get a ton of potential clients knocking at our virtual door and asking us to manage their social media. It usually goes a little something like this: Client: […]