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5 Awesome Instagram Tools

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5 tools for instagram marketing

5 tools for instagram marketingWow! Instagram is a phenomenal place to build your brand! There are few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from a sweet presence on Instagram, right?! Here’s the thing, most of us with techy brains REALLY dislike the fact that analytics and scheduled posting are not really available on Instagram.

Stop the presses! There are some really great tools to make Instagram management super easy and convenient! If you have been to one of my speaking gigs, then you know this is a must, social media has to be fun and enjoyable for both the post-er/brand and the audience, otherwise its super obvious and carries a really icky energy.

  1. Schedugram for Auto-posting. Most of your basic social media scheduling applications allow for some sort of scheduling option, this is a push notification to your mobile device reminding you to post content. Honestly, we’ve tested all of them, and they work…sometimes.Enter Schedugram! For about $20 a month, Schedugram is the ONLY true auto-posting and scheduling app for Instagram. You can even schedule your first comment hashtags! I highly recommend it for your Instagram-ing needs. This allows you to schedule your two primary posts per day, as recommended for a moth in advance!
  2. Cleaner for Instagram. With great power comes…icky practices and great spammers. With cleaner, you can see who is pulling the old, “I’ll follow you, wait for you to follow me back, then unfollow you in three days” trick. (PS: Don’t do that to your people…yuck!) Instagram is about connection and interaction! With cleaner you can immediately see who is unfollowing you after your follow-back and well, unfollow them! This is a mobile phone app you can find in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.
    5 tools to manage instagram
  3. Iconosquare. No analytics be damned! Iconosquare is the bomb for breaking down what’s working and what isn’t in your insta-life! It is also perfect if you have someone else managing your Insta-fame because they can monitor and track comments right in the dashboard. Use our special Intuitive Marketing Genius link and get 20% off: 
  4. Repost. This app allows you to capture the posts you love from other Insta-peeps and share them with your audience (with proper credit attached – of course). This is far more legit than screenshot sharing or copying someone else’s work. You can find Repost in the app store or Google Play.
  5. Spark Post. This is an Adobe app that allows you to make beautiful images with overlays so very easily and quickly. You can also save them and easily edit them to the optimal size for all other social platforms. This is a must have for online marketing AND Instagram! Download from the app store here.

What is your favorite Insta-helping Application or Program? Share below!