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Are you Chasing Sales?

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chasing_money_IMGDo you use your personal Facebook page for business? If you have read much on the IMG website or social media posts, well you know how we view that practice.

Lately on my personal newsfeed there have been a number of posts from other business owners (on personal pages) talking about their success in their business and enticing people into a private message conversation about how they can learn more.

Does it work? Sure!

Should you join in? NO! Unless you really enjoy that.

It is comparable to the old push vs pull marketing. I like to call it Chasing VS Attracting. You can either chase clients, pushing them into a sales conversation individually, hustling day in and day out to get each sale, conversation after conversation, over and over again, getting 10-no’s to get to the one yes. If that is what you thrive on, then go get ‘em!

But there is a better way.

Why not set your marketing up in a way that you attract the people that you want to work with?

Why not have people reaching out to you ready to be your client?

Why not spend your time teaching people so they generally want to invest in your book or service or widget?

When marketing my business, I treat marketing as a service, and I encourage you to do the same. I want my message to be of service, not just of sales. I want you to read my message and learn something, and then if you want to do business with my company, that is a bonus.

Taking this approach in a genuine manner has made Intuitive Marketing Genius and Physicians Practice Expert the successes that they are today. And this approach is what helps our clients do the same. So what should you do?

  1. Setup a Business page and use it for Business. It’s totally cool to share a piece of information occasionally on your personal page, but let’s keep the personal pages for personal stuff. Better yet, use your Business page to humanize your business, post to your business page just like you would a personal page, only with the benefit of seeing all of your insights and stats and with advertising capabilities.
  2. Build Your List. Recognize that social media is the top of the funnel, not the whole tamale. Your goal with social media is to build the like-know-trust factor enough to get your fans to give up their email address IF they like what you have to say.
  3. Treat your list like family. Share your tips, give-up your best information, do it regularly so that people expect to see your material. Don’t worry about people who take what you teach and implement it themselves…those people were going to DIY your service or product to begin with.
  4. Watch the clients line up. A funny thing happens once you gain traction, once you treat your list like family and they get used to it… when they need the service or widget or entertainment you offer…you are the person or business they turn to. And when you treat them right, they send their friends.

Eventually you have a waiting list of clients. You stop getting up every morning and putting on your sales-britches and beating people up to buy you or your product, you stop getting ten or more “no’s” to reach that single YES. You spend your time doing your genius work and less time chasing sales. You wake up in the morning with people asking for proposals, and people saying “hey…budgets not a concern” instead of spending time on a sale for them to say “can we discount this.”

Marketing by serving. Attracting instead of chasing.

It works.