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Q&A: Help! I have a dip in email open rates!

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I love being able to take re-life information and questions I receive to turn it into applicable lessons for my readers. I received this message from a client recently: Help! My open rates have dropped from around 32% to around 18%. We have to fix this. I think it is because I changed my email […]

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Simple Marketing Funnel that Works

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If you aren’t building a list, no matter what business you are in, you are missing out on the best lead generation system out there. Some think that by building funnels that include resources for their potential clients or list you are just handing away all of the secrets to what you do for your […]

stop cold calling

Stop Cold Calling

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  [stop cold calling transcript] Do you make sales calls? I am a member of a couple of masterminds, where the primary focus is around how many times you pick up the phone and prospect and making cold calling a priority. That is all fine and good for some people. For me, I am a […]

best time to send email

Best Time to Send an Email Broadcast

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I get this question a ton. It seems it comes in various formats, but all boils down to what is the best time to send an email broadcast? An email broadcast can be a sales pitch or regular newsletter or anything you are sending out to your list. There are several studies out there, and […]