More Facebook Changes–Send Messages

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As we mentioned, there are even more Facebook changes that have come out since the last go around just 2 weeks ago! Facebook Updates for Small Businesses from Audrey McLaughlin on Vimeo. More Facebook Changes from Audrey McLaughlin on Vimeo.


Creating an Ah-mazing Website

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If you don’t have a website, your first step is to get a site — TODAY. But chances are most of you have websites, yes? In today’s internet-saturated society, a website is one of the most crucial avenues to great marketing and the success of furthering client/customer relationships and the brand of your business. I […]


Upwell vs. Upsell

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Do you upsell your clients/customers? Is it working? Perhaps this will help. Instead of upselling your audience, try upwelling them. Upselling is a sales technique, its when the seller (you) tries to induce or entice the customer to purchase more expensive products/programs/services via an upgrade or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more […]


Facebook Changes Ahead!

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It is all over the news. Mainstream, online and business outlets are reporting the damning effect of these new Facebook changes on small businesses coming our way in January, 2015. Here are some examples of articles you may have seen: From the Louisville Business Journal. From the Wall Street Journal. You may be wondering why […]


Just for Fun Over the Break!

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How was your Turkey break? We had a wonderful time, and actually were able to disconnect for some time. What do you do in your free time? I create. Yup, I create for a living and I create for fun. Creating is my passion. The difference is that my team and I create digitally for […]

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Is Your Business Wasting Time on Facebook?

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Warning: I am going to have to get out my soap box for a minute.   According to Chris Gayomali at Fast Company, yes. In his article posted on Fast Company, which ironically had 7.7 thousand shares on Facebook, Gayomali says that “the crux of the research suggests that brands are wasting their time, effort, […]