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Facebook Live Audio Version

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JPEG image-CAF7D03D7B88-1Ohhhh it’s coming! Facebook is going to take over the world! Are you going to be part of it? Or stand by on the sidelines.

Recently Facebook announced a NEW feature, Facebook Live Audio! Sounds great right? All the fun of reaching your audience without having to worry about your background, or makeup, or bedhead. Watch out Apple podcast! This little feature is great for small business, coaching practices, medical practices, service OR product based businesses too!

This product is still in the testing phases currently, it hasn’t rolled out to any users that we (at IMG) are aware of. We don’t currently have the option and neither do any of the pages that we manage. We can’t wait for it to roll out, as there are numerous benefits:

  1. As mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about your hair, makeup, or what you look like! It’s all AUDIO!
  2. Your audience can multi-task while they listen to you! Just like they do when they listen to their favorite recorded podcast, conference call (be honest!) or radio show.
  3. The audio version doesn’t require as strong of a signal as the video version, so that helps for remote broadcasting and to avoid dropped calls.
  4. This creates more and better shareable content for your fans!

If you already have a podcast, our official recommendation is to record some live episodes with Facebooks new tool and republish them to your regular podcast outlets sources to repurpose the content.

The one big question we get is, “how the heck will this work?”

Well it is still in the testing phase, but an insider at Harper Collin’s was able to be one of the first to test it. Here’s what she said:

  1. Select a photo (podcast cover anyone?)
  2. Type a description (just like with Facebook Live Video)
  3. Choose audio.
  4. Interact with your audience as you broadcast.
  5. Post to your wall when its complete.

Happy Broadcasting!