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5 tools for instagram marketing

5 Awesome Instagram Tools

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Wow! Instagram is a phenomenal place to build your brand! There are few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from a sweet presence on Instagram, right?! Here’s the thing, most of us with techy brains REALLY dislike the fact that analytics and scheduled posting are not really available on Instagram. Stop the presses! There are some really […]


Marketing 101: Don’t point in all directions

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[Simplify Your Marketing Tip] Are you trying to be everywhere all at once? It’s exhausting (and divides your audience unnecessarily). Pick one place for marketing and really be there. Then use all other outlets to direct traffic back to your one place. Make sense? For example: if blogging is your main platform then rock it […]


Command Higher Coaching Fees Summit

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Today is the day!! I’m excited because my interview in “The Command Higher Coaching Fees” summit is live today! Head over to register for free at! your hands on this resource that will help you charge the kinds of coaching fees that you know you should be commanding. I’m one of the featured experts, and I […]

More Facebook Changes–Send Messages

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As we mentioned, there are even more Facebook changes that have come out since the last go around just 2 weeks ago! Facebook Updates for Small Businesses from Audrey McLaughlin on Vimeo. More Facebook Changes from Audrey McLaughlin on Vimeo.

best time to send email

FAQ Finding Speaking Gigs

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Last week we discussed speaking to build your business. You can read that here. This week lets touch on some of the frequently asked questions about finding speaking gigs. What if I can’t find any engagements to speak at? Create your own! Contact your local small business bureau or chamber of commerce and ask them […]