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How to Use Facebook Groups for Business | Social Media Examiner

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You may already use groups for networking, but you can also create your own Facebook groups to grow your business and nurture customer relationships.

  • A handwritten note is often more appreciated than a monetary gift. Thank fans for helping you reach your goals and making your dream of growing your company come true.
  • How many times have you seen a question in an online forum or group, and thought your product or service would be the perfect solution? Of course, you could respond to these types of questions yourself, but it would be more effective for your dedicated fan group to respond.
  • If your business wins an award or is mentioned in a popular publication, you want the whole world to know. You can call your friends and family, post it to your social accounts and tell everyone you meet, but the message may not travel far.
  • If you don’t have an immediate answer, let customers know you’re looking into it and will get back to them soon. Give hints, tips and shortcuts regularly. Encourage others (particularly your dedicated fan group) to share ideas and strategies they’ve discovered.


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