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Personal or Business Facebook Pages

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Now about that data (read the first half of the article by subscribing to our newsletter), we always recommend an 80/20 rule when posting, otherwise your engagement drops off into the abyss. No one wants to be sold to, do you?

If you look at this data below.. it shows when the fans of this business are online. In the evening and morning are when the most people are on Facebook that also like the biz page… now the highest number here is 675 right?  This page has over 1800 fans.

facebook marketing data

So as a business owner, you look at that page with 1800 fans and you only look at this set of data:

Screenshot 2014-10-19 08.55.02 copy


You may be thinking, “heck Facebook for Business  isn’t worth it, I’m just going to use my personal page…only a small percentage is seeing my posts.” BUT I encourage you to look at the number here:

Screenshot 2014-10-19 08.55.02crop

compared with the 675 number, 50% of your fans online saw that advertisement, 20% of your fans engaged with it. That’s excellent!

Now, if you are doing social media the genius way…it gets even better. Here is an example of one of our clients that works. We manage their social media and have cultivated an amazing community around their brand (it is a doctors office, which can be VERY challenging.)

 Screenshot 2014-10-19 09.10.30 copy

Notice, of their fans 500 people were online at the time and they had a reach of over 300, much greater than 50%, their likes and shares were nearly 50% on this post.

So the bottom line is, a Facebook Business Page is a must AND you must use it properly to engage your customers, clients…and patients.