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Simple Marketing Funnel that Works

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Funnel copy

If you aren’t building a list, no matter what business you are in, you are missing out on the best lead generation system out there.

Some think that by building funnels that include resources for their potential clients or list you are just handing away all of the secrets to what you do for your clients and customers and giving them a reason NOT to work with you or to buy.


Here’s the thing… the people that were going to DIY it, are going to with or without your information. So for the other group of people, give them the resources they need so they know what kind of help they need you for.

Let’s look at the simplest and most effective funnel to put together:

Funnel copy


It’s so simple yet many people haven’t implemented this simple formula. This particular funnel works for banks, realtors, churches, car dealers, insurance agents, physicians, chiropractors, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, schools, gas stations, libraries, mechanic garages, you name it…this funnel has the broadest application for businesses and ideal clients alike.

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