What is the goal in your business? Grow your customer base or attract customers and make more sale…translating into more fun and more money. Social Media Marketing can make finding new customers easy and engaging current customers easy.

Thanks to social media marketing small businesses now have platforms that give them equal footing and an equal voice as “big businesses” in the marketplace, allowing small business to make more of each dollar and focus their efforts to the specific types of people they want to reach. Likes become engaged fans, engaged fans become customers, and customers turn into raving fans, and when that happens they share your business and brand with their friends and family creating this beautiful family around your business.

Traditional forms of marketing have served their purpose (radio, billboard, television) and just as radio was overtaken by television, television has been engulfed by social media. Using social media marketing to promote your business allows you to get a higher return on investment for a fraction of the cost of than any other advertising medium, with the right Social Media Strategy.

At Intuitive Marketing Genius, our team begins with a thorough understanding about your business and brand identity, as well as the direction in which you want your business to grown. We utilize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to bring your products, services and brands to an open, eager and willing customer base.

Once we understand you and your business, we work with you to develop a plan, determining how “hands on” you want to be with your Social Media Marketing. You can choices range from just a bit of Social Media Training to full Social Media Management.