Here’s the thing, every business is different. Even if you have two italian restaurants, on the same block, each business will have different goals, different people managing them and even a slightly different ideal customer. Which is why it is imperative to seek out unique solutions for your Social Media Strategy. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when you are looking for a tailored, beautiful, professional fit for your businesses social media.

At Intuitive Marketing Genius creates a completely custom Social Media Strategy for each and every business we work with. It all begins with your Ideal Customer Profile to discover all the ways you serve your customers that sets you apart, gives you that competitive edge, and magnifies the unique ways you show love to your customer family.

We will design a custom strategy to fit your needs, taking into consideration the time and budget you can commit to managing your Social Media platforms. You may be interested in some of our Social Media Management options or in taking a more hands-on approach with Social Media Training.

Reach out to our team to develop a genius social media strategy for you.