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Best Time to Send an Email Broadcast

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I get this question a ton. It seems it comes in various formats, but all boils down to what is the best time to send an email broadcast? An email broadcast can be a sales pitch or regular newsletter or anything you are sending out to your list. There are several studies out there, and […]


Are you Chasing Sales?

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Do you use your personal Facebook page for business? If you have read much on the IMG website or social media posts, well you know how we view that practice. Lately on my personal newsfeed there have been a number of posts from other business owners (on personal pages) talking about their success in their […]


Personal or Business Facebook Pages

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Now about that data (read the first half of the article by subscribing to our newsletter), we always recommend an 80/20 rule when posting, otherwise your engagement drops off into the abyss. No one wants to be sold to, do you? If you look at this data below.. it shows when the fans of this business are […]