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Facebook Live Audio Version

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Ohhhh it’s coming! Facebook is going to take over the world! Are you going to be part of it? Or stand by on the sidelines. Recently Facebook announced a NEW feature, Facebook Live Audio! Sounds great right? All the fun of reaching your audience without having to worry about your background, or makeup, or bedhead. […]


Pinterest: Is it right for your business?

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Are you on Pinterest for your business? How much time does it take you compared to the business that it drives…heck even the traffic? You see, we get a ton of potential clients knocking at our virtual door and asking us to manage their social media. It usually goes a little something like this: Client: […]

best time to send email

Best Time to Send an Email Broadcast

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I get this question a ton. It seems it comes in various formats, but all boils down to what is the best time to send an email broadcast? An email broadcast can be a sales pitch or regular newsletter or anything you are sending out to your list. There are several studies out there, and […]

How to Use Facebook Groups for Business | Social Media Examiner

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You may already use #facebook groups for networking, but you can also create your own Facebook groups to grow your business and nurture customer relationships. A handwritten note is often more appreciated than a monetary gift. Thank fans for helping you reach your goals and making your dream of growing your company come true. How […]

Why the Future of New Business Is Social Selling

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As an entrepreneur, one of my most important keys to success is staying positive — especially when facing the inevitable obstacles of running a business. Potential investors, employees, colleagues, clients and customers are literally at your fingertips. But it is up to you to build relationships and establish trust. And that is what social selling […]


Are you Chasing Sales?

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Do you use your personal Facebook page for business? If you have read much on the IMG website or social media posts, well you know how we view that practice. Lately on my personal newsfeed there have been a number of posts from other business owners (on personal pages) talking about their success in their […]

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Do You Really Need Social Media for your Business?

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One often asked question is, “Do I really need to be on social media? Is it worth it? I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work.” The simple answer is: YES! You do need to be on social media. And Facebook is still the one that you need to select to focus your efforts on first. […]


Personal or Business Facebook Pages

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Now about that data (read the first half of the article by subscribing to our newsletter), we always recommend an 80/20 rule when posting, otherwise your engagement drops off into the abyss. No one wants to be sold to, do you? If you look at this data below.. it shows when the fans of this business are […]