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The New Moon + Your Biz

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You may have noticed, especially if you have been hanging around a while OR noticed the branding change that things are moving in a slightly new direction. Actually, better way to put it may be to say that things are moving in a little more congruent direction (making the outside match the inside) as Intuitive Marketing Genius moves away from strictly marketing and into (as the header says) Money, Marketing & Soul.
And part of that Soul is the magic behind starting + growing a successful business.
There is a lot of skill and determination involved in starting a business, especially if you are like me and your a mom with two young kids (I re-started my biz when my first daughter was only 3 months old). But I will say there is also plenty of magic and manifesting in building a multiple 6-figure business from home and eclipsing the multiple 7-figure mark in sales year after year.I know, this is getting long winded, but it is all to say that today I am sharing some of the magic that I do and use in helping my clients package their passion into profitable + sustainable businesses.Today we are talking about the moon, specifically the new moon coming up next Friday (8/14) and some of the practices (I do) and you can do too to sprinkle a little magic and a little Soul in your business. This will resonate with some and not so much with others and that is totes cool with me! I encourage you to take what you can use and leave the rest.
The new moon is coming on the 14th, so today I am covering the new moon + how to harness the power of the new moon cycle in setting goals and manifesting dreams of entrepreneurial freedom + success!
The Basic Facts
The new moon happens about every 29.5 days. The energy around new moons are in fact legit. As in science legit. When during a new moon the gravitational pull of the sun + the moon on the earth is combined. It is strong enough that it causes all sorts of phenomenon on the planet, not limited to the tides moving in and out.So you are probably thinking, okay–the moon and the tides–great what does this have to do with my business.How to Use ItThe new moon is a fantastic time to:

  • Set Goals. Setting goals or intentions for your business + life on can be extremely powerful. You will want to revisit these goals on the Full Moon (more on that later) and again on the next New Moon to see what has manifested or been achieved and set new goals. Aim to do this within the first 8-48 hours of the New Moon. A good place to keep track of this is in your Vision Journal.
  • Write an abundance check. Write yourself + your biz a check for the amount you want to earn this year, sign in “the Universe” or “God” or “Source” or “enter preferred deity name” and place it where you can see it. Repeat this every moon cycle for 3 cycles in a row.
  • Let go of the past. Have you been holding a biz or personal grudge? It can be something against yourself, a situation, a client…anything negative you have been holding onto or re-hashing. The New Moon is an awesome time to let that go. You can visualize letting it go, you can write it on a slip of paper and throw it in a fire, you can put it in a floating lantern or balloon and send it off into the air. Just let it go.

The New Moon is all about planting seeds and intentions and welcoming transformation and growth, welcoming abundance and knowing what you need to move forward.