The Tao of HOW
A One Day Marketing Automation VIP Day

In One Day I can put your marketing on autopilot.

In a single hands-on VIP Day, you will walk away with a solid no-fail marketing system in place and running itself.

And I will teach you HOW to use it.

You’ve read the marketing articles telling you that you have to market your business (and they ARE right).

Maybe you’ve taken the group coaching programs, only to be overwhelmed with the technology and the intimidating piles of “must dos.”

  • Invest in yolist-372766_640ur website.
  • Whip up a free online class.
  • Build a marketing funnel.
  • Build your email list.
  • Send emails full of brilliant content
  • Write blogs, stuff them full of brilliant insight, but don’t forget Google’s SEO rules.
  • Engage your ideal clients on all the social media channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Make sure you are personal not pitchy. But make sure you’re selling.



You have to prove your worth and establish your value to attract clients, the business coaches proclaim, while offering $20,000 group programs to tell you why.

Don’t you believe in yourself? Don’t you understand your own value? Aren’t you willing to invest in your big dream? They accuse.

But here’s the catch, you’re a baby entrepreneur. You don’t have the client base yet, which means you’re not making any money. You can’t afford to do big coaching programs. You’re not making enough money to pay someone else to take over your marketing either.

You’re stuck in a vicious cycle.

HOW am I going to do this? You wonder.

I have your HOW.

In One Day you’ll get everything you need. You’ll have an automated online marketing system that’s already set-up. And you’ll know how to use it with very little future time investment.

One Day.

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